Monday, October 18, 2010

Lock & Key 2009 Hilltops Shiraz

Jason Brown from Moppity Vineyards seemed a little concerned when I revealed I was writing about this wine; pointing out that other wines under the Moppity label are vastly superior. That may well be true but you can't beat this one for value - a trophy- and gold medal-winning shiraz for under $15 is a bargain in anyone's language. The Hilltops region outside Young is producing some stunning cooler-climate fruit, particularly as vineyard age increases. This is a deeply coloured wine, rich, but in balance, with dark berry and pepper/spice characters and surprising depth for a wine that's so affordable. Load up on the lamb chops! $14.99.

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Stu. said...

Hi Windsor

Recently tried the 2008 and agree, this wine is a steal. I picked up 1/2 doz at 11.69 per bottle.

Certainly presents itself as a cool climate wine, yet still with that trademark Shiraz red fruit and the spicy/ peppery back palate is what clinches it for me.

It improves with a little time in the decanter - noted as my wife and I shared the bottle over a movie at home.

In my opinion Mr Brown has nothing to fear - other than how to meet demand.


aka JetRobins