Friday, September 8, 2023

Clandestine Vineyards Break Free 2023 Petite Blancs

Here is a little gem for adventurous wine drinkers; a most unusual blend that certainly hits the target for enjoying well chilled on warmer days. The Petite Blancs is largely made from Swan Valley chenin blanc that is stabilised in stainless steel with Margaret River chardonnay and Frankland River gewurztraminer skins before being fermented using natural yeasts. The end result is just a little funky, just a tad spicy, with hints of floral aromatics and some delightful vivacity on the palate. It ticks a whole lot of hipster boxes and is vegan friendly with minimal additives and no fining or filtering, but for me the main appeal is its plaintive "drink another glass" message. This would go well with Asian dishes, light lunches or early suppers. $38.

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