Friday, June 21, 2024

Squitchy Lane 2022 Limited-Release Cabernet Franc

Squitchy Lane is a boutique wine producer in the Yarra Valley, owned by former Carlton AFL captain Mike Fitzpatrick, that produces outstanding pinot noir is small quantities. The amount made of this excellent cabernet franc is even smaller, however. Cabernet franc is nearly always used as part of Bordeaux-style blends and rarely given the chance to shine in its own right. When it is, as on this occasion, is produces fragrant and medium-bodied red wines that are super food friendly. The variety was part of the original 1982 plantings at Squitchy Lane and is well-suited to the cooler climate of the Yarra. I enjoyed the melange of classic dark currant and plum flavours with spicy/olive notes and gentle oak. $52.

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